Sunday river ski resort

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A case study of a specific development where conflicts exist between economic development and environmental damage.

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Location Sunday River is a ski resort located in Newry, Maine, New England in the United States.
Background info The company Sunday River planned to turn develop their area as a ski resort but were overcome by worried environmentalists. Concerns rose over the overuse of water, energy and the pollution of the environment.
Sunday river response The ski company claimed jobs would be created and put in place several measures to ensure it was environmentally friendly.
Methods of ensuring limited environmental damage Shower, snow, erosion, clean-up, hotel cards, guests
SHOWERS Low pressure shower and taps (less water use with no effect on guests). Water from showers and sinks is collected and re-used to flush toilets.
Snow Increased use of low energy guns (180 in 2008) which produce same amount of snow but with 40% less energy.
Erosion Erosion control systems used to reduce slit and run off into nearby water resources. Bottom feeding fish introduced to reduce accumulation in Sunday river waste water treatment plant.
Clean-up clean-up day happens twice a year. involves all employees cleaning up litter in assigned areas.In addition the company bases purchasing decisions on factors like recycling and if it is biodegradable.
Hotel cards Automatically turn off lights in room when taken of sensor.
Guests advised to turn off all lights when not in room and reuse bathe towels and linens.
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