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A company is looking to go with an end-to-end virtualization approach that will help them reduce capital investment and operational savings. What can help your customer achieve this? Cisco Unified Computing Systems
Which statement is likely to be true about the role of a customer's chief security officer? The chief security officer might have significant influence on the operation of the data center without necessarily having any understanding of the technology deployed in the data center.
Which service helps the customer ensure that their data center infrastructure is scalable and able to meet the future application requirements by addressing issues during the migration and the pilot phases? Cisco ACE Planning and Design Service
Which statement about full-width blades is true? Full-width blades feature four times as many DIMM slots as half-width blades.
Which statement describes a benefit of the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) approach in the data center? It provides a single fabric for devices that use 10 Gigabit Ethernet, devices that use Fibre Channel, and legacy devices.
A client mentions that role-assigned tasks need to be managed by a number of internal departments. Which hardware would you suggest to provide this capability? Cisco Application Control Engine (ACE)
What are three key differentiators that set Cisco Unified Computing Systems apart from competitors like HP and Dell? Service Profile Virtualization and optimization Memory expansion and capacity
When in a competitive situation for SAN business against Brocade, which statement would highlight a unique selling point for Cisco? Cisco is experienced end to end across the data center and across all network technologies, offering across-the-board solution sets.
In a situation where the customer asks for a unique feature of the Cisco WAAS solution, which statement could be correctly made by a Cisco sales professional? Cisco WAAS is completely transparent in the connection.
A customer with a Cisco MDS switch is considering deploying the Cisco Data Migration Manager in the Cisco Storage Service Module. Which statement would be final financial justification? Software development teams can gain access to current production data, for software change testing, without impacting the front-line business of the company, while maintaining the company's revenue stream.
What is meant by network-embedded application intelligence? The ability of application servers to offload tasks and instead process application software.
Which feature is a feature of Cisco WAAS? TCP optimization
Traditionally, what has been the trend of cost over the lifetime of data center solution? OpEx steadily increases over time because of rising maintenance costs.
What is meant by data center virtualization? The consolidation of physical resources and deployment as logical devices.
What advantage does Cisco Catalyst 6500 Virtual Switching System (VSS) capability offer? A pair of Catalyst 6500 Series Switches can operate as a single logical switch.
How does Cisco differentiate from the competition within the VSAN environment? All switches can reside in a single physical fabric based on a single Cisco MDS switch.
Which product in the Cisco Nexus family is a software-only switch that resides on the server? Nexus 1000V
What are two benefits of unified fabric? Reduction of server adapters required for I/O Reduced cabling
Which feature allows Cisco storage networking solutions to operate with Brocade and legacy McData switches? Interoperability modes allow VSANs to be propagated from the Cisco MDS to other Fibre Channel devices.
Which activity occurs during the prepare phase of the Cisco Lifecycle Service model? A case workshop and architecture workshop are used to identify opportunities.
Which two are examples of application support services that can be deployed across the data center? Virtual Firewalls Load Balancing
What benefit does network-based virtualization bring to the overall virtualization strategy for the data center? Deploying multiple services contexts on the same hardware.
Which two ways do you position a Cisco data center solution when a customer has existing McData switches? Cisco Solutions have full connectivity with Brocade. Cisco Solutions allow VSANs to be extended to these switches.
Where would you find a Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch in the data center architecture? At the core layer or the aggregation layer.
Which feature does Cisco offer that Brocade currently does not? N_Port Virtualizer
How does Cisco differ from the competition in the VSAN environment? All switches reside in a single physical fabric based on a single Cisco MDS
You are interested in lowering your total cost of ownership for your small-scale SAN and data center edge applications. Which device would be the best to use in this scenario? Cisco MDS 9124
What two things can a business implement to achieve better utilization of IT resources? Embedded network intelligence. Consolidation of data center resources.
Presenting a data center solution involves interacting with a variety of decision makers. What type of information might an IT manager be most interested in hearing about? The greatly reduced number of points of management that result from consolidating resources.
What would a good response to offer a customer who claims that the implementation of a Cisco data center solution would put too much pressure on the capital budget? The ability to deploy and redeploy logical units of a single physical device across the data center cuts future capital expenditure and reduces operational expenses as well.
When outlining the potential financial savings from having virtualized network service modules, which statement would be a supportable statement to make? The savings will depend upon the requirements for each data center but can be as much as 80 percent on power and 30 units of rack space.
When explaining the advantage of choosing a Cisco solution instead of Brocade, what might be a good fact to mention? Cisco has the advantage of a highly scalable MDS architecture, while the architecture of Brocade has changed little since first generation devices.
What key decision maker is most likely to be interested in how the Cisco solution will impact utilization, CapEx, OpEx, and TCO? Director of IT
Your customer in the data center is anticipating cuts in both operational and capital budgets. At the same time, the customer is under pressure to improve end-to-end data center security. How can a Cisco sales professional help meet both requirements? Recommend purchasing the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series FWSM and the Cisco ACE Module or both to allow multiple virtual contexts of each to be deployed as required in the future, without requiring more hardware to be acquired (saving capital budget), with a single point of management and control (cutting operational costs).
What is the function of data center within an organization? To support enterprise applications by reducing operational overhead and centralizing resources.
What might you recommend to a customer who is interested in support for Network-Accelerated Serverless Backup (NASB)? Cisco MDS SSM module
What is the function of Cisco Data Mobility Manager? Fabric-based data migration.
Which product greatly improves server efficiency through both highly flexible traffic management and offloading CPU-intensive tasks? Cisco Application Control Engine Module
Which two characteristics of a Cisco UCS deployment help position the Cisco green data center initiative? The addition of the power control unit. The ability of several server blades reside in the same chassis.
Which product can deploy virtual SSL security contexts logically across the data center network from a single physical device? Cisco Application Control Engine Module
Which statement regarding siloed applications is accurate? The process of deal allocating and reallocating siloed resources can be more costly than purchasing new equipment.
How have the latest processors that are used in the Cisco Unified Computing System provided environmental benefits? They use lead and halogen free products.
Which explanation best describes the difference between a data center sales cycle and a traditional network sales cycle? A data center sales cycle begins much earlier in the project.
Your customer needs to be able to recover quickly if there is a major disruptive event. The first phase in reaching this goal is to consider using the SAN to ensure that the customer's stored data is as up to date and as safe as possible. How can Cisco help? Recommend that the customer consider using the Cisco SANTap to facilitate a Continuous Data Protection solution.
How does the Cisco ACE XML gateway improve server performance? By offloading XML functions from the server.
Which scenario is an indicator that a customer is a good prospect for a Cisco data center solution? The customer is planning to deploy a sizable server virtualization within a year.
Which statement about blade server compatibility with HP and IBM is accurate? Cisco produces Fibre Channel switches that integrate into an HP or IBM blade server Chassis.
Which three are considered to be the most commonly recognized top-level business drivers in the data center? Optimizing operational efficiency through consolidation and reducing OpEX. Managing growth by enabling agility in the data center. Protecting the data center by allowing the business to continue in the face of unplanned events.
Which two of these customer types are not typically interested in a Cisco UCS solution? Business with relatively inflexible IT structures that require a short-term solution to provide expansion. A small, independently owned business without an IT department.
What are blade switches? Modules that fit into blade server chassis.
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