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What are 4 systems that use virtualization? CND/HBSS, CENTRIXS, GCCS, COMPOSE
What system is Red Hat a variant of? Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is a variant of the standard Linux OS.
A worldwide, enterprise-level telecommunications infrastructure. Defense Information System Network (DISN)
(T/F) DISN is a composite of the commercial-owned and leased telecommunications subsystems and networks. False
A high speed communication backbone used on San Antonio Class ships to enable users to share data and provides servers for services. Physically separated class and unclas, virtual networks, and integrates all shipboard systems. Shipboard Wide Area Network (SWAN)
A single program that creates one consolidated computing environment using standard network infrastructure and common rack architecture. Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services (CANES)
Supports (EMIO) by providing a high speed data link between the host vessel and the vessel of interest. Identifies the biometrics of suspects and sends back for analysis. Wireless Reach Back System (WRBS)
Is a critical comms path for NIPR, SIPR, and telephone for ship to shore access for all Navy ships less the CV/CVN and LCC classes provides voice and data up to 128kbps. International Maritime Satellite (INMARSAT)
Broadcast service that augments ans interfaces with other comms systems and provides joint operations with high speed multimedia comms, and information for deployed, on the move, and garrisoned forces. Global Broadcast Services (GBS)
High Bandwidth, full-duplex, LOS UHF communications system designed primarily to support the Marines of up 2,048kbps in intra-expeditionary strike group collaborative planning. Digital Wide band Transmission System (DWTS)
The Navy Uses ________ to send and receive breaks it down and reassembles the entire data across internets, routing it out through the best path available. TCP/IP
Provides the fleet with baseline network connfiguration and logistics products, such as APL's SOVT's, and tech manuals. Sailor 2.1
Devices are connected with many redundant interconnections between network nodes, every node has a connection to every other node in the network. Full Mesh Topology
The _______ provides information on who to call if you needed to contact the help desk for a system. ULSS
How many layers are there in UNIX? 3 Application, Kernel, and OS
If a Linux prompt ends in an # symbol you are logged in with the ______ account. Root
A Unix based OS that allows scalability, symmetric multiprocessing, and supports a large number of CPU's which allows you to run multiple OS's. Support CENTRIXS, GCCS, and DCGS. Solaris Kernel
Ensures systems are durable and likely to operate continuously without failure for a long time and implies that parts of a system have been fully tested and, in many cases, that there are redundant components. High Availability
_____ is a dedicated high-speed network that interconnects and presents shared pools of storage devices to multiple servers. Storage Area Network (SAN)
vitural machine type 2 hosted
It is used by network devices, like routers, to send error messages indicating that a requested service is not available or that a host or router could not be reached. Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
Linux uses color coding to assist to identifying file types Medium Blue: Directory Light Blue: Symbolic Link Green: Executables White on Red: SetUID
Defines the process for configuring the major components of a system. Hardware Configuration Document (HCD)
Provides all the steps and information required to install and configure software for a specific program. Installation & Configuration Guide (I&CG)
A ______ is an operational test of equipment after being installed or modified on a US Navy vessel. Standard Operational Verification Test (SOVT)
Provides information, processes, and procedures, directly related to the SA responsibilities and tasks for managing and maintaining a specific C4I system. System Administration Guide (SAG)
Describes the equipment, Software, relationships, and operations of a system. Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM)
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