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Jouer To play
Faire To do/make/ride
Manger To eat
Avoir To have
Habiter To live
Arriver To arrive
Relaxer To relax
Aller To go
Regarder To watch
Payer To pay
Boire To drink
Etre To be
Penser To think
Obtiner To get
Tomber To fall
Voyager To travel
Ecouter To listen
Voir To see
Lire To read
Fumer To smoke
Porter To wear
Trouver To find
Demander To ask
Vendre To sell
Sortir To exit
Rester To stay
Rentre To return
Rencontrer To meet
Se bronzer To tan
Travailler To work
Essayer To try
Acheter To buy
Quitter To leave
Bavarder To chat
Garer To park
Eviter To avoid
Augmenter To increase
Reussir To succeed
Economiser To save up
Vivre To live
S'habiller To get dressed
Tuer To kill
Voler To steal
Mettre To put
Gouter To taste
Se plaindre To complain
Jeter To throw
Louer To hire/rent
Conduire To drive
Devenir To become
Discuter To chat
Venir de To have just done something
Gagner To earn
Decevoir To disappoint
Presser To hurry
Doubler To overtake
Oublier To forget
Nettoyer To clean
Frapper To hit
Tromper To make a mistake
Se moquer de To mock/make fun of
Quitter/sortir/partir/laisser To leave
Garder To guard
Se manquer To miss
Profiter To benefit from something
Se souvenir de To remember
Se rappeller de To remember
Envoyer To send
Pleurer To cry
Pleuvoir To rain
Pouvoir To be able to (can)
Rever To dream
Prendre To take
Apprendre To learn
Falloir To be necessary
Remasser To collect
Croire To believe/think
Eu Had
Ete Was
Dormir To sleep
Tousser To cough
Entendre To hear
Mentir To lie/fib
Empecher To impede
Poser To ask (pose a question)
Montrer To show
Lancer To launch/throw
Marquer To score a goal
Patinoire Ice skating
Voler To fly/steal
Passer To spend time (to sit an exam)
Se plaire To please e.g. ca me plait beacoup (I like it lots)
Deprimer To depress
Occuper To be busy
Chanter To sing
Rechauffer To heat up
Utiliser To use
Couper To cut
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