Unit 12 : Appearance

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Communicative English Course : Unit 12 Appearance

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diện mạo, bề ngoài Appearance noun she checked her appearance in the mirror
xét xử, xét đoán Judge verb A  production can be judged according to the canons of aesthetic criticism
dùng, sử dụng Exert verb the moon exerts a force on the Earth
Sự hình thành Formation noun the formation of a crystal
Thành lập, thiết lập Establish verb Beatrice, a former director of a market research company, had just established her own firm.
Bản đối chiếu Counterpart noun the minister held talks with his French counterpart
Ấn tượng Impression noun I got the impression that he was sorely disappointed
Duy trì, lưu dữ Maintain verb the need to maintain close links between industry and schools
Bằng nhau, tương tự Equally adv In other words, to ensure good governance where all are treated equally and justly.
Đạt được Achieve verb he achieved his ambition to become a press photographer
Cân bằng Balance noun try to keep a balance between work and relaxation