Philosophy and religon

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Philosophy and religon 727088cd-7a72-40f7-bb0e-971c45e046ab.png (image/png) 762e8d03-27b1-4f31-8c2c-dee81862b677.png (image/png)
What were the three important schools of Philosophy 1. Legalism 2. Confucianism 3. Daosim 6f86d39f-6a6c-4f5f-b922-53e2a680d9f8.jpg (image/jpg)
What does legalism mean ? fdcb4ba7-e7e0-4291-ade0-c2cd0736bfc5.jpeg (image/jpeg) Sticking to moral law rather than to personal religious faith.
what does confusinasim mean A system of philosophical and ethical teachings founded by Confucius and developed by Mencius.
what does Daosim mean 900807f9-b061-4641-a3e6-d3cc51db1003.png (image/png) Religion sticking to the teaching of Lao-tzu
What did Legalist philophosers believe about how to govern a good society and achıve peace Have a strong goverment 065173fe-2a1d-4cb2-a50a-31198b346116.jpeg (image/jpeg)
How do you achieve a strong goverment Individuals and families had to place their rights below those of the goverment
Why did the laws need to be severe? So people would follow the laws
How many things do ancient chinease people desire Innumerable b6acb47a-e8ba-4537-a27e-b827c641a02c.jpg (image/jpg)
who was confucious 1dcd597d-1506-44ba-9710-de4a285c112a.jpg (image/jpg) A famous Chinese philosopher
what is the analects c3e49172-41a1-443f-9e19-057c537211fa.jpg (image/jpg) A book of Confuciuses teachings
describe Confuciuses life He was born in the state of Lu he was orphaned and grew up in poverty and turned out to become a scholar f24ad25e-fab5-481b-a789-895f745fae1a.jpg (image/jpg)
what were the questions that most interested him How a person could live a better life and how to create a good society
give 2 ways Confucius said treat people 1. With kindness 2.Treat people the way you want to be treated afe89a06-cec5-4cba-a6c3-c1e9ec73097c.jpg (image/jpg)
who did Confucius believe the best type of person was ? Someone who acted virtuously to others
who was mencius a follower of confuscious
what did Mencius write in his books 4cf82548-3504-45d3-9bce-884d10edfa54.jpg (image/jpg) how to govern a better state
who was the first and most influential of the daoist philosophers Laozi 508c57fa-f3b7-4b11-892e-d060268c083e.jpg (image/jpg)
what did Laozi right about impotrance of social order through the creation of a good enviroment
what is laozis book called eac17b6b-9cfe-42c5-a664-d717e17cfd25.jpg (image/jpg) its called the Daodejing
what did laozi believe about having a happy life you had to understand the Dao
what did confucious believe about relationships with families that it needed to be strong and harmonious in order for society to prosper 0f83d2f3-7952-40a4-9f09-ab52accba019.jpg (image/jpg)
the Dao consisted of two opposing forces what were they 706d70fa-5567-4c89-b875-d7aae03f2892.png (image/png) the yin and yang
name the five Chinese cosmologies cbcebee5-d99b-4cc5-bc66-cb1032b965fd.jpg (image/jpg)
725b44f7-0ef8-49d4-b6f9-86df19a82d6d.gif (image/gif) 543c3307-d6b3-4bfb-8b60-e7b90b069c8c.gif (image/gif)
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