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Inclined Planes By Muslim Gilani
What is a Ramp? An acute angled plane that aids a person in lifting or moving any load higher. 009e2c1d-975e-4929-825e-317689db476e.jpg (image/jpg)
What is a job of a Ramp? A ramp is a simple matching that consumes less energy to get the load from one point to another. A ramp may take less energy to get an object to a higher pace but it takes more time abf1559e-c1d8-4754-840c-aeb659cce152.gif (image/gif)
What is an example of a Ramp that is mostly used? A winding up road is a type of Ramp/Inclined Plane, That is a safe way of getting up a steep hill. This ramp gradually increases the height of the load untill it reaches the target height. Although this is safe and consumes less effort, It needs covers more distance 5fbd71fb-d493-4f0d-82d1-ff5ff157fdc9.jpg (image/jpg)
What are wedges? Wedges are any machine that can cut through any double inclined plane surface. Wedges can be used to separate two objects or portions of an object, lift up an object, or hold an object in place. 1f8c9078-067b-4efa-8f6d-d5f0186f188d.png (image/png)
What is an example of a wedge? e2850535-2973-4891-ae02-c3dbcc8296ec.jpg (image/jpg)
What is a feature of a wedge that make it a lot more useful? The main aspect that controls the speed and time it takes to do a job using a wedge depends on the length and the sharpness of it. cf2adad6-e2ec-470c-98aa-ff17130be28a.jpg (image/jpg)
What is the formula for working out the Mechanical Advantage of an Inclined Plane? Mechanical advantage of a inclined plane is: Length of slope ------------------------------------ Height of slope
A car is being pushed up an inclined plane of 35 meters in length and 10 meters in height. Calculate the mechanical advantage? Mechanical advantage= 35 ---------------- 10 =3.5N
What are zips? Zips are simple machines that consist of two metal or plastic strips which have interlocking projections 4d7e71ad-2c1f-4e9d-a2fa-01c325d7ee9b.jpg (image/jpg)
How do zips work? The slide brings the two rows of teeth together to zip closed and then pulls them away again when you unzip! 29c6dd14-79c7-4df7-ae04-00d6f70cf022.jpg (image/jpg)
Give a few examples of objects that consist of Zips Purses, Clothes, Shoes, Pencil case, Cushion covers, Guitar Case etc 69f90de2-2e40-47ac-84aa-374198609444.jpg (image/jpg)
What are screws? A spiral shaped incline plane which is also classified as a simple. 3cff8ecc-cf53-42fc-90db-a02969aba245.png (image/png)
What are screws most commonly used for? Screws are most commonly used for cutting through Solids (Wood), Water, Air. aef68a4d-030e-437f-bf77-5161a027dabb.gif (image/gif)
How do screws work? A screwdriver is required to turn the screw and as a result, the screws "Spiral bit" (the thread) cuts through the material as it pushes it up. 662b5c79-b424-47be-b332-7c37ee71ecfe.jpg (image/jpg)
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