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soluble can be dissolved
insoluble can't be dissolved
solute the substance being dissolved
solvent the substance doing the dissolving
solution a mixture of solute and solvent
filtrate liquid collected after filtering
saturated when no more solute can be dissolved in a solution
residue insoluble substance collected in the filter paper
concentrated solution a solution that has lots of solute
dilute a solution that has little solute
suspension fine particles suspended in a fluid by buoyancy
sedimentation the process of extracting sediments
filtration the process of filtering
sieving process of separating particles based on their size
decanting the process of pouring slowly to remove liquid
evaporation the process of removing liquid by heat
crystallisation the process of forming crystals
distillation the process of separating liquids based on their boiling point
purification the process of making something pure by removing impurities
condensation the process of turning a gas back into a liquid
chromatography the process of separating colours with a solvent
magnetism a force created by magnetic attraction
resources a natural substance that can be drawn on when needed
pseudo means false
scientific method a set of steps used to answer a scientific hypothesis
miscible liquids which are capable of forming a homogeneous mixture when added together
immiscible liquids which are not capable of forming a homogeneous mixture when added together
homogeneous mixture a mixture which has uniform composition and properties throughout
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