Dental anatomy OSCE
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Centric stops Contact points in occlusion
Lines of Retzius Horizontal lines on enamel, enamel laid down concentrically
Perikymata EXTERNAL Microscopic wave grooves, on newly erupted teeth
Teeth with 2 roots Mandibular molars, maxillary first premolars
Teeth with 3 roots Maxillary molars
Apical foramen Hole at tip of root
Curve of spee
Curve of Wilson
Gingival Crest (Gingival Margin) Tip of gingiva that borders tooth
Clinical vs anatomical crown Clinical: whats above the gingiva Anatomical: where enamel stops
Universal numbering system 1-32 permanent A-T primary
International numbering system 1st digit: 1: max right, 2: max left, 3: mand. left, 4: mand. right 2nd digit: 1-8: anterior to posterior
Maxillary anterior ideal contact
Maxillary posterior ideal contact
Mandibular anterior ideal contact
Mandibular posterior ideal contact
Group contact Teeth in contact to distribute force (mainly posteriors?)
Protrusive Underbite, jaw is protruding
Oblique ridge, cusp ridges Oblique ridges max. mollars only, cusp ridges come from cusp tips
Distal, buccal, mesial, facial, labial wall
Oblique ridge Mesiolingual and distobuccal ridges only maxillary molars
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