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Culinary Terms Quiz
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The industry - Catering
Culinary Terms
Olivia Bamber
Question Answer
What are the aims of the food safety act? Food must be fit to eat and drink
What is food hygiene ? making sure food is clean and at a good standard to eat
What is a food handler ? Anyone who touches the food
What is a food born illness ? Any illness caused by contaminated food
What is food contamination ? Something that is harmful to health
What is food poisoning ? An illness cause by harmful substances or harmful micro-organisms living on food
Describe legal requirements in relation to food handler training ? Educating people to make it safe
Describe the importance of accurate record keeping in a food business ? So that you can trace things
What do food safety laws aim to do ? To protect everyone and ensure good standards
What 3 powers do environmental health officers have ? Walk in unannounced, shut places down, take you to court and make a list of improvements
What happens if you break the food safety laws ? A fine or you can go to prison
List some physical contamination ? Hair, nails, plasters, bones, fruit pips, glass and peelings
Chemical contamination ? Pesticides, diesel, bleach and washing up liquid
Bacterial contamination ? Listeria, e-coli, salmonella, perfringens and staphylococcus aureus
Which of the following is a food handler's responsibility ? Reporting symptoms of sickness and diarrhoea
What is a legal requirement in a food premise ? Hand wash facilities
If a food handler was suffering from a food poisoning symptom, what action should they take ? Report it to the employer before they return to work
What if you cut your finger at work ? Cover it in a blue waterproof dressing
High risk foods Cooked meats and poultry, dairy products and eggs, shellfish and cooked rice
What discourages the growth of bacteria ? food containing salt, sugar or acid e.g. vinegar
What is a carrier ? Us, humans as they carry bacteria and germs
Why should you not wear jewellery ? As it could carry bacteria under it
What type of clothing should be worn by a food handler ? Protective clothing and it should be white in colour so that it shows dirt
When should you wash your hands ? Frequently
T - boiling water ? 100
T - to keep hot food above 63
T - sterilizing 72
T - re heating food 73
T - body temperature 37
T - chilled food kept below 8
T - keep a fridge at or below 5
T - freezing point of water 0
Freezers do's Defrost and clean regularly, ensure foods are labelled, dated and packaged, follow the first in first out rule and check freezer is working correctly
Freezer donts Overload as it will prevent the air circulation, leave the food open, place hot food int he freezer
Fridges do's Defrost and clean regularly, ensure foods are labelled, dated and packaged well, follow the first in first out rule, check the temperature regularly and enclose food in sealed containers
Fridge donts Place raw food above cooked food, store tins of open food, overload the fridge as it prevents the circulation of air, leave door open and place hot food in the fridge
Buffet food Mini cheesecakes, sandwich's, pafita rolls, chicken, tarts, pineapple and cheese, battered prawns, mini pizza's, skewers and sausage rolls
What to do when using a food thermometer ? Insert the probe into the core of the food
Aim of disinfecting ? To keep things clean
What is a detergent ? Gets rid of grease
What is a disinfectant ? Gets rid of bacteria
What is a sanitiser ? A mix of detergent and disinfectant
Rubbing in method ? Rubbing fat and four together until it resembles breadcrumbs
Creaming method ? Mix fat and sugar,util light and fluffy
Melting combination method ? Flour and fat creamed, eggs and sugar whisked, fold together
Melting blending method ? Melt fat, water and oil, in a separate bowl whisk eggs, then add flour, mix together