Nenets Tribe

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How people adapt to extreme cold environments

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Which tribe is our 'Adapting to Extreme Environments' case study? The Nenets
Where are the Nenets from? The Yamal Peninsula in Siberia, Russia
How many reindeer do the Nenets herd? 300,000 reindeer
How many Nenets are there? 10,000
How are the Nenets generally paid now? By working for the Soviet agricultural system with fixed contracts and salaries
Do the women and children migrate with the men? Yes, they move as a unit
What are reindeer used for? food, shelter, clothing, transport, spiritual fulfillment and means of socializing
What distance does migration cover? 1,100 kilometers
How do the reindeer move? Single file in lines up to 8km long
When are the reindeer slaughtered? On the winter migration South past Yar-Sale
Who makes the traditional clothing? the Women of the tribe
What is a Malitsa? Traditional warm coats made out of 4 reindeer skins
How cold does it get? down to -50 degrees C
The extra coat is known as a... Gus
What do they live in while migrating? a hut known as a Chum
What are the Chums made out of? Long wooden poles covered in reindeer skins
How often do they move base while migrating? every other day
What do some tribes get most of their income from? selling meat and fish
How do they catch fish in winter? with a large net set though a hole in the ice
Why do they not use snares and traps any more? There is no market for polar fox
Do they carry guns? Normally one gun per herd
How are the children educated? They often go boarding schools then choose whether they want to stay in town or return to the herd
What language do they speak? Each tribe has its own Tubdra-Nenet dialect but all those under 50 will speak Russian
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