Nature and Scope of Political Science & International Relations

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Politicus Anything of the state
Politics Aristotle - Political Science = scientific study of state, nature, conditions, origin and developments & government, functions and purposes and institutions to make a "good life"
Politics Making of decisions by public means, government, direction and self direction of communities.
Political system persistent pattern of human relationship, involving power, rule or authority
Political Science Political Theory, Ideology, Public Law ad Administration
Authoritative Politics = authoritative allocation of values for society values = things valuables allocation = distribution
Authority, policy, compliance Authority = formal power with expectation that decisions are carried out and respected Policy = People affected by it consider what they must, ought to obey. Authority =/= force. Secure willing compliance/obedience from subjects.
Studying PS 1. Education for citizenship 2.Essential parts of liberal education 3. Knowledge and understanding of gvt
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