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5 renewable resources Tobacco, bananas, hydro-electric dams, tea leaves, mangoes, wind turbines, coffee beans, solar panels
2 unrenewable resources Oil-rig, steel works
3 advantages of biofuels CO2 is absorbed and used, can grow in many different environments, no costly changes to vehicle designs
3 disadvantages of biofuels Not carbon neutral (farming releases co2), the amount of land to replace conventional fuels would be massive, would reduce habitat variety
3 advantages of solar energy Is unlimited, environmentally friendly, new thin panels are more efficient than modern tech
4 disadvantages of solar energy It's dependent on sun so new tech to store energy would have to be made, current production is small, expensive and rarely pay for themselves, huge areas are needed to make a difference
Name 4 countries which demand the most supplies (food especially) USA, Canada, Australia and France
Example with biggest supply of water, biggest demand for water (and why?) & future probs Brazil, China (growing pop & more agriculture needs), needs to be imported to places like Saudi Arabia
Example with biggest supply of food, biggest demand for food (and why?) & future probs USA, USA (high tourism, high pop, supply big food industries), depends on crop conditions
Example with biggest supply of coal, biggest demand for coal (and why?) & future probs Belgium, China (it's cheaper than oil+gas, easier to access), non-renewable & ruins environment
Example with biggest supply of oil, biggest demand for oil (and why?) & future probs Saudi Arabia, USA (lots of cars, factories, large pop), it will run out in the future
Example with biggest supply of gas, biggest demand for gas (and why?) & future probs Russia, USA (high pop, more developed), it will run out so will have to import it
Oily plants-how do they work, advantages and disadvantages Get the oil from pressing soya beans, palm leaves etc. +...renewable, cheap, cut down co2 -...lower energy density than standard diesel, deforestation
Food crops-how do they work, advantages and disadvantages Use sugary and starchy parts of crop (wheat, cane) +...renewable, easily replenished, 50% less co2 emissions than standard fuels can only make up 10% (if want more must change car engine design)
Bioethanol-how do they work, advantages and disadvantages Decomposes trees,plants and turned into fuel +...grows quickly, no waste, high energy, efficient -...can't be used as a natural fertiliser, can't be grown everywhere
Biogas-how do they work, advantages and disadvantages Mixing methane and co2 (made by sewage, landfill etc.) +...carbon neutral, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, eco-friendly -...not easily controlled, not enough to meet demand
Dual-use bioethanol-how do they work, advantages and disadvantages Made from dual-use crops, doesn't need any extra land, sustainable -...could take 10 yrs for technique to be perfected
Algal-how do they work, advantages and disadvantages Harvesting algae from sea +...can grown where others can't, algae uses waste water -...can take 5-10 yrs to lower cost and make it efficient, expensive to harvest
5 reasons why we should use biofuels Tackling global warming, helping future generations, protecting the environment, job creation, access to food and water
Why was making biogas from pig poo a good idea? captures methane gas, brings income into small farms and towns, local electricity if used by local farm, by-product can be used as fertiliser, sustainable
How is radiation absorbed? Gets into atmosphere...lands on ground...animals graze on contaminated land...meat and dairy is contaminated...crops grown are contaminated...people eat contaminated food
How do wind turbines work? Three blades...wind spins blades...turns shaft...powers generator...creates electricity...this is distributed
Name an ideal place for a wind farm and why? Cumbria - hilly with a long coastline
2 facts about the great Orton wind farm that shows it is a success -Income for land owner -Saves 8,530 tonnes of greenhouse gas a year
Why are people (like Jack Ellerby) against wind farms? They don't want people ruining National Parks and other areas of natural beauty
What is sustainable development? Development that meets the needs of the people in the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs
4 ways individuals can take action to reduce resource demand Buy local food...reduce unnecessary luxuries...reduce fuel consumption...recycle
3 ways that corporations can reduce resource demand Eliminate waste...use renewable energy sources...resource-efficient transport (reducing emissions)
How can governments help reduce resource demands? Produce campaigns to encourage people to grow crops, cycle places, use renewable energy sources, limit precious resources (petrol, coal)
4 ways Google headquarters in California help reduce resource demand Café 150 (uses local food within 150 miles radius)...they grow their own food...employees can use Google's electric rechargeable cars...batteries are repowered by solar panel
6 features of a sustainable house Solar panels...triple glazing...vegetable patch...wind turbine...water butt...chickens...compost bin...washing line...electric car
Example of under populated country Canada
Example of over populated country Bangladesh
5 ways you can increase the population of country Tax credits...a payment for each child born...a year off per child nursery care...guaranteed employment after maternity leave
Which countries consume the most food? Portugal, Greece, Austria, Italy and U.S.A - more than 3500 calories per person per day
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