1.6 Systems Development Life Cycle

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Question Answer
What is a Systems Analyst? A specialist in designing new systems or enhancements to established systems. Defines the Problem and Defines the Solution
What is the Systems Development Life Cycle? A series of stages through which a project passes (can go up and down stages as reviewed: an iterative process) from Analysis through to evaluation. (See the Waterfall Model)
What stages in the Waterfall Model can you name? Waterfall_Model.PNG (image/PNG)
Why is the owner of a company important? Has knowledge of the business or commercial activity. Knows what the system needs to do. Can help the Analyst.
What is a Feasibility Study? Is a project worthwhile doing? Is it Technically Possible; Economic to Produce; Economic to Run; What are the Social Effects? Is Workforce skilled enough? What effect is the Customer? Will it be economical in the long term?
What Methods may be employed to produce the Requirements? Interviews, Questionnaires, Group Meetings, Existing Documentation, Observation
State an advantage and disadvantage of Interviews. Free flow conversation - can pursue new avenues but can be time consuming to conduct
State an advantage and disadvantage of Questionnaires Generate a lot of data for Analysis but can have a low return rate
State an advantage and disadvantage of Group Meetings Allows a number of people to discuss points but can be dominated by opinionated people
State an advantage and disadvantage of Existing Documantation Get to see the actual outputs of the system but may not be a complete picture
State an advantage and disadvantage of Observation See just what it is that people are doing and discover problems that no -one has mentioned but People may not behave as usual if they are being watched (the Hawthorne effect)
What things about Data need to be considered early in the Analysing of Requirements Types of Data needed; Volumes of Data which need to be Stored; Relative importance of data; Frequency of Changes to data
Why is Specifying the Requirements Important? They form the basis by which a system will be evaluated; There could be legal consequences if there are problems. The Requirements need to be agreed by the Owner and the Analyst
What things are addressed in the Requirements as far as Hardware and Software is concerned? Use New or Existing or Combination; What additional HW is needed; Is system web-based? Is New SW needed? Can existing SW me modified?
What things are addressed in the Requirements as far as Data Structures are concerned? How data will be Input, Stored, Processed and Output
What Diagrams can be used to help in Design? Jackson Diagram Data Flow Diagram System Flow Chart
What are the features of a Jackson Diagram? Shows individual Modules that make up the solution. From Highest level to Lowest Level. A Breakdown of the problem into Smaller Parts
What are the features of a Data Flow Diagram? Shows the flow of data in a system. Uses symbols to represent processes, files, flow lines, people and labels for departments etc.
What are the features of a System Flowchart Diagram? Similar to a DFD but does not show People or Departments. It does show the Processes and Data Sources and Validation Routines
What is Evaluation? A check that the system meets the Original Requirements. Carried out by the Owner, Analyst and other Key Staff. Have there been any misunderstanding? Has the project crept away from the original problem? Is it successful?
What two Types of Documentation needs to be produced? Technical and User Documentation