Kingdom Plantae

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Question Answer
Explain the structure of a Kingdom Plantae. Cell walls made of cellulose, Multicellular eukaryotes, Autotroph containing chlorophyll
(Adaptations of Plants) _______ protected from drying out. Gametes
_________ to prevent water loss Cuticle
Pores called __________ for exchange of gasses Cuticle
__________- to carry out Photosynthesis Leaves
_____________ to absorb water and minerals Leaves
_________ to transport materials Stems
Swimming sperm, depend on water (example- mosses) Nonvascular Plants
Contain tissues for the transport of minerals and water. Example- Ferns Vascular Plants
Come Bearers- Pollen and seeds Example- Pine seeds. Vascular plants (Gymnosperms)
Flowering plants and fruits. Example- Apple Tree Vascular Plants ( Angiosperms)