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Mind Map on CONCEPTUAL MAP, created by Andres Sanchez on 10/31/2015.
Andres Sanchez
Mind Map by Andres Sanchez, updated more than 1 year ago
Andres Sanchez
Created by Andres Sanchez over 6 years ago

Resource summary

  1. THEME: Topics and activities reviewed during the year
      1. 1. ORAL INTERVIEW: The aim was to practice the vocabulary and structure of some personal information
        1. 2. MY FLAG: The goal is to practice pronunciation in English
          1. 3. EXPOSCICION: Try to learn to put an issue specific in the language English
      2. LISTENING
        1. 1. CONVERSATION THE STADIUM: The aim of this is to learn to listen and can understand phrases in english
          1. 2. CONVERSATION SAM AND REBECA: The goal is jnow learn and practice to listen to the english language
            1. 3. TOURISTIC PLACES: The aim of this is listend and learn about several tourist sites of Dosquebradas
        2. READING
          1. 1. A CHIRTSMAS CAROL: The aim of this is read and understand more easily text in english
            1. 2. THE WORLD ONLINE MARKETPLACE: The objective is to understand questions and know answer in English
              1. 3. ICFES PRACTICE: The goal is to prepare for testing of the state type ICFES in english
          2. WRITING
            1. 1. SAM AND REBECA: The aim was to listen and can write what said in your conversations.
              1. 2. ACTIVITY: Created post
                1. 3. SERUMBLED: Sentences
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