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Grade 7 math ratios

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Find the commission on a diamond that is sold for $6700 when the commission paid is 4%. $268
12% of 600 is what number? 72
20% of what number is 80? 400
A manufacturer employs 294 part-time workers. This is 30% of their employees. What is their total employee count? 980
How much would you pay for 3 pounds of turkey if the unit cost is $1.59 a pound? $4.77
I made 6 baskets in 2 minutes. How many baskets can I make in 10 minutes? 30
Find the unit rate for the ratio 140 words : 4 minutes 35 words / min
Find the unit cost for $161 for 7 people $23 per person
Find the total amount you would pay for a pair of shoes that cost $55.00 with a sales tax of 7%. $58.85
You need to pay for 30% of your new iPhone. The phone is $549.00. How much money do you need to save? $164.70
Find the simple interest earned in an account with 4% interest if you invest $650 for 6 years. $156
A scale drawing uses the scale 4 in = 15 feet. How many feet would 6 inches represent? 22.5 feet
Your boss has offered you a 2% raise next year. If your current salary is $45,050, what will your salary be next year? $45,951
Simplify 7/8 : 3/5 35 : 24
Simplify 7/9 : 2/3 7 : 6
Chris can create 6 paper planes in 1/5 hours. Find his unit rate in planes per hour. 30 planes per hour
Find the constant of proportionality for 15 horses in 5 minutes. 3
Tom pays $39.60 for 12 robots. How much will he pay for 10 robots? $33
A bag has blue marbles and green marbles. Of 20 marbles, 8 are green. Find the ratio of blue marbles to total marbles. 12 to 20
Find the percent of increase. 15 to 28 86.7% increase
How do you know if a graph shows a proportional relationship? It has a straight line through the origin
Jill makes 12% commission on her sales plus a base salary of $1000 per week. If her sales last week were $3000, how much will her paycheck be this week? $1360
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