Phrasal Verbs 1

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a list of phrasal verbs

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Question Answer
wind up to deliberately annoy someone (irritar a alguien deliberadamente)
come over to suddenly feel something (sentir algo de repente)
Run away with to fail to control your imagination and therefore to get the wrong idea
Look up to have a great deal of respect for someone older (admirar, respetar)
Send down to send to prison (ir a prisión)
Put on to perform or organise a performance
shake off to recover from a cold curarse un resfriado
Drop by to visit someone informally without making an arrangement
Leap at to seize an opportunity
1. Get up 2. get around 3. get away with 4. get by 5. get out of 6. get round to 7. Get ahead of 8. Get along (on/with) 9. Get at 10. get back 11. Get well 1. to stand up 2. travel to different places 3. escape without punishment for something you have done wrong (salirse con la suya). 4. to cope in a difficult situation (apañarselas) 5. avoid doing something (librarse de hacer algo) 6. do something after a long delay. 7. to be successful in the work that you do (tomar la delantera) 8.they like each other and are friendly to each other (llevarse bien) 9. to criticize a person repeatedly. 10. to return to a place after you have been somewhere else 11. recovered from an illness