Energy and the cycles of life

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Hamza Ahmed
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Energy and the Cycles of Life Hamza Ahmed Year 8
What is the biosphere? The world-wide ecological system which includes all living beings and there surroundings d241e062-a33c-4b31-b354-0149415fb008.jpg (image/jpg)
What is the water cycle? Water evaporates from lakes etc, and rises to the atmosphere. It then condenses or cools and becomes clouds. When there's too much water in the clouds it precipitates and rains. 375214b5-4af5-45a2-90f8-ba17f7d80363.jpg (image/jpg)
What are the states of water? d5426d77-e89c-4ae6-a1bf-cf5d60c3f76d.png (image/png)
Why does ice float? It is approximately 9% less dense than liquid water. d091b44e-f97b-4af8-9679-3265c4d94ca2.jpg (image/jpg)
What would happen if ice sinks? It would cause the ocean to freeze and eliminate all life on earth
Why doesn't water heat up easily? It needs a lot of heat energy to heat it because it can hold a lot of energy. 01842483-11e0-43cf-b52b-cfafc5915cf3.jpg (image/jpg)
Why does hot steam burn more than boiling water? It has a large amount of energy when it changes form gas to liquid.
Where does the energy needed for the water cycle come from? The sun 27c9e4a9-9d08-42c2-85da-89d200ee0d0e.gif (image/gif)
What is the carbon cycle? Circulation of carbon in biosphere 919558c3-9b42-48ad-9f6d-2cbdd45f793a.gif (image/gif)
Why is CO2 important? Plants use it to make sugars and animals and humans get energy from plants 19ecc57b-2ed0-4836-b6d6-1debc93b7e53.jpg (image/jpg)
Why is the the carbon cycle important? It's the key mechanism used to change solar energy to chemical energy so living organisms can use.
What are decomposing organisms? Organisms that break down dead organisms and return the energy to the soil. 5ac47482-b7b2-43c1-80c5-fa6595dd8498.jpg (image/jpg)
Give some examples 'Funguy' and bacteria, mushrooms 8e1ad533-6b10-4fa6-8d6c-293270a32a2e.jpg (image/jpg)
What are fossil fuels? Natural fuels such as coal or gas, formed in long periods from the remains of living organisms. 7f5699ad-faa1-40fd-8784-708ab4c21984.jpg (image/jpg)
How much nitrogen is in the atmosphere? 78% of Earth's atmosphere
What is fixation? Process of making nitrogen available for living things
What are the 3 ways nitrogen is fixed? Lightning, biologically and industrially
What is the phosphorous cycle? The cycle that describes the movement of phosphorus through the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere.
What is weathering? Breaking away or eroding parts of the environment around us