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Define Standard Operating Environment Where all of the computers in a business (or school) are exactly the same. This means that when a problem occurs on one computer it is likely to have been seen on other computers, which means that it could be fixed quicker. Also, when installing new software, it can be tested on one computer and then pushed to the others to avoid complications.
What are the roles of an Operating System? Scheduling, managing concurrency, managing memory, managing devices, file systems.
What are the types of Operating Systems? Embedded: Is the only thing that a computer can run (ex. an ATM), Stand Alone: Can run multiple applications (ex. Windows 7 Home), Server: Runs a network and the features of a network.
What are the components of the CPU? - Arithmetic Logic Unit - Control Unit - Registers - Program Counter - System Clock - Data, Address, Control Bus.
What are the steps of the Fetch/Execute Cycle 1. Fetch 2. Decode 3. Execute 4. Store
Define Benchmarking Benchmarking is comparing software, hardware, costs, etc. , to see if it fits your requirements.
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