Meridans - Start and End

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Muscles and Meridians
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Central Meridian - Start Actually starts at perineum, but when running, start at pelvic bone
Central Meridian - End Just below bottom lip
Governing Meridian - Start Base of coccyx
Governing Meridian - End Over head to top lip
Stomach Meridian - Start Orbital Socket in line with pupil
Stomach Meridian - Ends Second Toe
Spleen Meridian - Start Medial Edge - Big Toe
Spleen Meridian - Ends 6th Intercostal Space at the centre of the side of the body
Heart Meridian - Starts In armpit
Heart Meridian - Ends Medial edge of Little Finger nail
Small Intesting Meridian - Starts Lateral edge of small finger nail
Small Intestine Meridian - Ends Middle of the edge of the ear
Bladder Meridian - Starts Inside corner of eye, near nose
Bladder Meridian - Ends Lateral edge of small toe nail
Kindey Meridian - Starts Hollow in the sole of the foot
Kidney Meridian - Ends Just below collar bone at top of sternum about 1" from midline
Circulation Sex Meridian - Starts 1" from outside edge of nipple
Circulation Sex Meridian - Ends Tip of middle finger
Triple Warmer Meridian - Starts Lateral edge of ring finger nail
Triple Warmer Meridian - Ends Outer edge of eyebrow
Gall Bladder Meridian - Starts Outside corner of eye
Gall Bladder Meridian - Ends Fourth toe nail
Liver Meridian - Starts Lateral edge of big toe
Liver Meridian - Ends Edge of rib cage in line with nipple
Lung Meridian - Starts Soft hollow between 2nd and 3rd rib just below clavicle
Lung Meridian - Ends Thumb nail
Large Intestine Meridian - Starts Medial side of index finger nail
Large Intestine Meridian - Ends Corner of nose near nostril