The Muscles in the body

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This is for an A level student not all the muscles are needed for GCSE. I suggest you copy this to your area and remove any you don't need.

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The Muscles in the body
1 Legs
1.1 Lower leg
1.1.1 Soleus
1.1.2 Gastrocnemius
1.1.3 Tibialis Anterior
1.1.4 These operate on the ankle joint
1.2 Upper Leg
1.2.1 Hamstring Semimembrenosis Semitendenosis Bicep Femoris
1.2.2 Quadricep Rectus Femoris Vastus Medius Vastus intermidiales Vastus Lateralis
1.2.3 These operate on the Knee joint
2 Arms
2.1 Upper Arm
2.1.1 Bicep Brachii
2.1.2 Tricep Brachii
2.1.3 These operate on the elbow joint
2.2 Lower arm
2.2.1 The wrist joint Wrist flexors Wrist extenosrs
2.2.2 Radio-Ulnar joint Pronator teres Supinator
3 Core
3.1 Shoulder
3.1.1 Deltiod
3.1.2 Latissismuss dorsi
3.1.3 Pectoralis Major
3.1.4 Trapezius
3.1.5 Teres Minor
3.1.6 Teres Major
3.1.7 Infraspinatus
3.1.8 Subscapularis
3.2 Spine
3.2.1 Rectus abdominus
3.2.2 Erector Spinae group
3.2.3 External Obliques
3.2.4 Internal obliques
3.3 Hip
3.3.1 Iliopsoas
3.3.2 Gluteus Maximus
3.3.3 Gluteus Medius
3.3.4 Gluteus Minimus
3.3.5 Adductor Group
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