Health Priorities In Australia

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Groups Experiencing Health Inequities. - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders -Socioeconomically Disadvantaged People -People in rural and remote areas -Overseas born people -Elderly -People with disabilities
Priority Health Issues -CVD -Cancer Control -Injury prevention and control -Mental health -Diabetes -Asthma -Arthirities and Musculosketetal condition
Identifying Australia's Health Priorities - Epidemiology Epidemiology provides us with information on the distribution of patterns of disease and injury on the likely causes within groups or populations
What does Epdemiology tell us? -Monitoring he major causes of sickness and death to identify any emerging issues and inequalities between groups -Identifying areas of need so that specific prevention and treatments interventions can be targeted -determining priority areas for the allocation of government funding -monitoring the use of health care services and facilities. -evaluating effectiveness of prevention and treatment programs
Action Areas of the Ottawa Charter -developing personal skills -creating supportive environments -strengthening community action -reorienting health services -building healthy public policy
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