Demographic Transition Model

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Key points of the DTM to assist you with both GCSE and A-Level

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Demographic transition model A 5 stage model which shows alterations in births, deaths and population over time
Natural increase Increasing population due to a higher birth rate than death rate
High Fluctuating (Stage 1) Birth and death rates both high with small natural increases/decreases
Decline (Stage 5) Low birth and death rates. Death rate slightly above birth rate causing naturally decreasing population
Early Expanding (Stage 2) Birth rate still high, death rate falling. Causing natural increase.
Low Fluctuating (Stage 4) Low birth/death rates. Birth rate still slightly above death rate. High overall population.
Late Expanding (Stage 3) Total population increasing, birth rate beginning to fall, death rate already low.
Kenya, China Stage 3
Nepal, Afghanistan Stage 2
Brazilian tribes, arguably Ethiopia Stage 1
Japan and Scandinavian nations Stage 5
USA, UK Stage 4
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