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What Does Social Learning Theory Suggest (SLT)? Key Name? Bandura et al. We learn aggressive behavior by observing others. It is the actual expression of aggression that is learned.
Direct Reinforcement? When someone is punished or rewarded for specific behavior
Vicarious Reinforcement? When someone witnesses different examples of behavior and depending on the consequences, they gradually learn if its appropriate or worth repeating.
Mental Representation? in order for SLT to take place the child must form mental representation of the even in their social environment. The person should also represent possible rewards for it. it will happen as long as the reward is greater than the punishment
Factors helping maintaining aggressive behavior? Direct experience - rewarded for a behavior (More likely to repeat it) Confidence - Ability to carry out the necessary aggressive behavior
The BOBO DOLL study? Psychologist? Bandura et al. Experiment involved children observing aggressive and non aggressive adult models and then being tested for imitative learning in the absence of the model
A02: Role of Punishment? Learning does take places regardless of reinforcement but the production of behavior is related to selective reinforcement.
SLT? Does it apply to adults? Explain? Psychologist? Phillips Daily homicide rates in the US increased in the week following a major boxing match. Suggesting that viewers were imitating aggressive behavior
The role of Vicarious learning? Strength of SLT, It can explain aggressive behavior in absence of direct reinforcement. BOBO DOLL STUDY
Context-depending learning? people respond differently in different situations because they have observed that aggression is rewarded in some situations and not others. They learn behaviors that are appropriate to particular context
IDA'S IN SLT 1. Ethics; not being able to text again 2. validity; Noble - one child arriving said "Mummy there is the doll we have to hit" (Demand characteristic) 3. Culture Differences - !Kung San - aggression is rare- child-rearing practices
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