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Important words for D1 module

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Graph consists of vertices or nodes, connected by edges or arcs
Subgraph a graph within a graph
Weighted graph or network a graph with a number (or weight) associated with each edge
Degree or valency the number of edges attached to a vertex
Path a finite sequence of edges such that the end vertex of one edge is the start of the next and no vertex appears more than once
Cycle or circuit a closed path
Digraph a graph made of directed edges
Tree connected graph with no cycles
Spanning tree a subgraph which includes all vertices of the main graph, and is a tree
Minimum spanning tree a spanning tree such that the total length of its arcs is as small as possible
Complete graph a graph in which every vertex is connected to every other vertex
Total float F(i,j) of an activity (i,j) latest time for event j - earliest time for event i - duration of arc
Bipartite graph consists of two sets of vertices, and arcs only between the two sets
Matching pairings between sets X and Y in a bipartite graph
Complete matching a matching where all vertices of set X are paired with a distinct vertice of set Y
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