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Unit Three Management Skills of Communication


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Communications refer to the transfer of information between people and organisations.
Communication medium Refers to the actual method used to send the message or data.
Internal Communication Used to communicate between staff in the same business
External Communication Used to communicate with people outside the business, such as customers, suppliers, investors, government and the general public.
Communication Channels The routes in an organisation through which information flows between people.
Upward Communication refer to staff reporting up the chain of command to their supervisors and managers.
Downward Communication Messages sent down the chain of command from managers to their subordinates.
Horizontal Communication Travel between people of the same rank and authority in the chain of command.
Formal Communication Passes through the approved channels of communication, such as memos, reports, formal meeting, noticeboards, etc.
Informal Communications Refers to the informal network of communications that exists within every organisation and industry.
Business Meetings Occur when two or more people get together to communicate with one another.
Chairperson Responsible for the correct running of a meeting.
Agenda Summary list of all the items to be dealt with at the meeting.
Quorum The minimum number of people who must attend before an official meeting can begin.
Memos Short written notes about one particular issue.
Reports Written documents about a specific topic or issue and sent to a specific person or group.
Graphic design Includes using computer software to make it easier for businesses to communicate information visually.
Data Protection Act 1988 Requires that any organisation storing information on other people on computer or in manual files must ensure that the information is accurate and kept up to date.
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