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- Minus electrolysis

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what is oxidation Oxidation is loss of electrons
what is reduction reduction is gain of electrons
what are the exception of Oxygens usual oxidation state H202 -1 and OF2 +2
What are the exception of Hydrogens usual oxidation state metal hydrides (NaH) -1
What are the exceptions of Cl usual oxidation state -1 when combined with O or F
Oxidation is an.... increase in oxidiation number
reduction is when.... there is a decrease in oxidation number
Name the reactivity series of metals (from strongest reducing agent to weakest) Mg, Al, Zn, Fe, Pb, Cu, Ag
Halide reactivity series (from strongest oxidizing agent to weakest) F, Cl, Br, I
what occurs at the anode ? Oxidation
What occurs at the cathode? Reduction
which way do electrons flow in a voltaic cell? flow from the anode to the cathode
What is the purpose of a salt bridge? It enables the negative charge to be carried in the opposite direction to that of the electrons- which neutralizes any build up of charge and maintains the potential difference
Define standard electrode potential the standard electrode potential of a half cell is its electrode potential relative to a hydrogen half-cell measured under standard conditions
standard hydrogen electrode conditions H2 gas at 298 and 100 kPa, platinum electrode, acid solution containing 1.0 mol dm -3 H+
standard electrode potential conditions concentrations of 1.0 mol dm-3 all gases with a pressure of 100 kPa all substances must be pure temp of 298K/25 c if the half cell does not contain metal then platinum electrode
In a voltaic cell which half cell is the cathode? the half cell with the more positive electrode potential
In a voltaic cell which half-cell is the anode? the half cell with the more negative cell potential
How to calculate Ecell? E halfcell where reduction occurs - E half cell where oxidation occurs
Spontaneity of positive Ecell values Spontaneous
Spontaneity of Ecell negative Non-spontaneous as written- reverse reaction is spontaneous
electroplating features? an electrolyte containing the metal ions which are to be deposited the cathode made of the object to be plated anode made of the same metal which will be coated
what factors affect the amount of product in electrolysis the charge on the ion the current the duration of the electrolysis
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