Supply chain management

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Question Answer
Supply chain Network of all the activities involved in delivering a finished product or service to the customer Coordinated and manages all activities of the supply chain
Components of supply chain External suppliers Internal functions - processing, purchasing, planning, quality and shipping
Components of a supply chain External distributors - responsible for managing movement of product between locations Traffic management (shipment of incoming & outgoing products or material) Distribution management
Bullwhip effect Inaccurate or distorted demand information created in the supply chain Causes - price fluctuation, demand forecasting updating Results in Poor customer service Excessive inventory investment Lost revenues
How to counteract the bullwhip effect Change the way suppliers forecast product demand Eliminate order batching Stabilise pricing
E-commerce and e-business B2B Use Internet and web to transact business Business to business - businesses selling/buying from other businesses
Benefits of b2b Lower procurement administrative costs Low cost access to global suppliers Lower inventory investment Better product quality
SCM expectations & competition Consumer has the power Globalisation Government internet regulations Green supply chain management
Global SCM factors Infrastructure issues - scarce local materials, transportation, Comms, lack of skilled labour - results in higher costs and poorer services
Role of purchasing in SCM Selection of suppliers Negotiate/administer long term contacts Monitor supplier performance Place orders to suppliers Maintain good relations
Win win factors in partnership relations Have long term orientation. Strategic in nature, share information, share risks and opportunities Share a common vision Share long and short term plans Driven by end customer expectations
SC distribution Requires effective warehouse operations who provide transportation, consolidation, product mixing and service
Implementing SCM Begins with manufacturer integrating internal processes 1st integrate external suppliers then integrate external distributions
Evaluate performance if SC Regular performance metrics (market share, customer service levels) hat reflect objectives of the SC