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Question Answer
Wood A natural composite used as a structural and decorative material.
Hardwood Timbers that are deciduous and slow growing.
What hardwoods are there? Oak, ash, beech, sycamore, willow, walnut, yew, teak, cedar, mahogany.
Softwood Timbers that are evergreen and quick growing.
What softwoods are there? Scots pine, larch, spruce, Douglas fir.
Deciduous A general term used to describe treess that lose their leaves in autumn.
Evergreen A general term used to describe trees that do not lose their leaves in autumn.
Grain The visual effect of the flow of tracheids. A wood is stronger when tension is placed across the grain rather than along it and it can support a greater load.
Tracheids The cells of woods.
Lignin The natural resins that hold the cells together in timbers.
What is the structure of woods? - All woods are fibrous with the fibres (or grain) growing along the length of the trunk or branch. - These fibres consist of cells (tracheids) of, mainly, cellulose supported by lignin resin.
Knots Natural defects found in timber - the start of branches from the trunk.
Conversion Sawing up logs to provide useable wood forms.
Slab Sawn A form of conversion that can prevent warping and can be used to enhance the grain.
Which one is slab sawn and which one is quarter sawn? dc20efe8-26f3-423c-9f1e-38a4856ba1de.jpg (image/jpg) 598cdfd9-8478-4417-a65e-a64bb5c936d5.jpg (image/jpg)
Splits Separation of timber fibres along the grain due to rate of drying, tension or from natural events such as lightning strikes. 53d3384c-6bda-4fa6-86a8-11e496c4b37f.gif (image/gif)