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What is geology? Geology is the study of rocks, their history and the processes that form and change them.
What was the first type of rock formed on Earth known as? The first type of rock was known as igneous rock.
What is the mantle? The mantle is the layer of the earth below the crust.
What is magma? Magma is molten rock that does not reach Earth's surface.
What is lava? Lava is molten rock reaching the Earth's surface.
What is the temperature of lava? The temperature of lava is about 1200 degrees when it erupts at the surface of the earth.
Why does magma rising into the crust begin to cool? Magma rising into the crust begin to cool because it loses heat to the cooler rocks around it.
What happens if magma reaches the surface to become lava? Then it cools rapidly, especially if the eruption happens under the ocean.
How are rocks formed? Rocks are formed when the magma or lava cools so much that it solidifies.
What are igneous rocks? Igneous rocks are rocks formed from cooling magma.
What are extrusive igneous rocks? Igneous rocks that form on the surface of the Earth.
What are intrusive igneous rocks? Igneous rocks that form below the surface of the Earth.
What are crystals? A crystal is a solid that has a variety of special shapes.
What are minerals? Minerals are chemicals found in rocks.
What are two physical properties of minerals? Two physical properties of minerals are the size and the shapes of the crystals that form them.
What other types of rocks are there besides igneous rocks? Other types of rocks are sedimentary and metamorphic.
What are three properties of igneous rocks? Igneous rocks are: -hard -strong -made of interlocking crystals
What are interlocking crystals? Crystals that lock together and grow into each other in a rock.
What are some examples of extrusive igneous rocks? Examples of extrusive igneous rocks include: -Basalt, obsidian, pumice and scoria.
What are some examples of intrusive rocks? Examples of intrusive igneous rocks include: -Quarts, feldspar, biotite, granite and dolerite.
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