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String concepts/vocab with Python

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When do we use double quotes with strings? 1. So we can properly print a string that includes an apostrophe. 2. So we can include the single quotes when we print the string.
When do we use the print function? When we are printing out several sequences.
What does the len() function do? It checks the length of a string.
How do you assign a string to a variable? variable = 'string'
What symbols do we use to call an index of a string? brackets []
What number does indexing begin with? 0
If s = 'Hello World', then what would s[:3] print? 'Hel'
If s = 'Hello World', then what would s[:-1] print? 'Hello Worl'
What symbols can we use to specify the frequency to grab elements when indexing? ::
T/F?: Strings are immutable, meaning the elements within can not be changed or replaced once it is created. True
T/F?: You cannot link or add to (concatenate) a string once created. False
T/F?: You cannot reassign a string once it is created. False
How do we call a method? object.method(parameters)
What is the .format() method used for? The .format() method adds formatted objects to printed string statements.
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