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1 what is a programming language?
1.1 A specific way to give a computer instructions. Programming languages evolved from the use of simple languages such as binary, and are now varied and a lot more complicated.
1.2 Each language has specific syntax unique to the language, and the computer won't understand the code given if it is not written properly.
1.2.1 To convert the program into something the machine understands you either have to compile the program or interpret the program.
1.3 There are different categories of programming languages. There are high level programming languages, such as C++, are so complex that the computer cannot understand them. Language that the computer can understand are called machine languages.
1.3.1 Between machine language and high level languages are assembly languages.
1.3.2 Fourth-generation languages are above high-level languages.
2 Why Python?
2.1 69% of the top 39 Computer Science Classrooms use Python as their intro language.
2.1.1 There are many characteristics that make Python a good first programming language. First, it has an easy setup, it is only necessary to type the word "Python" into a computer to run the program.
2.1.2 Another advantage is that the program is written in English, and that the errors made during the creation on the program appear immediately on the console, and that avoids making that same mistake again or not being able to run a program because of a little mistake.
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