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PMU - 2nd/2t Semester Anatomy - CNS (Spinal Cord)
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Histology- Blood Tissue 1st Year PMU
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Nuclear Medicine MCQs- Year 3 PMU
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Účto Fífa 3/6
Bára Drahošová
Respiration Physiology PMU 2nd Year
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PMU - 2nd/2t Semester Anatomy - CNS (Brain Stem)
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PMU - 2nd/2t Semester Anatomy - CNS (Cerebellum)
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PMU - 2nd/2t Semester Anatomy - CNS (Diencephalon)
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PMU - 2nd/2t Semester Anatomy - CNS (Forebrain)
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e9af9073-1411-46f6-a69f-8e060adf1c87.png (image/png) Entamoeba Histolytica - Cystic Form (Forma Cystica) Disease - Amebiasis, Amoebic Dysentery
67315d26-b715-4da8-90fc-4ada9b089f80.png (image/png) Entamoeba Histolytica - Trophozoite (forma magna) Disease - Amebiasis, Amoebic Dysentery
03650acb-9af0-46cf-b367-4901b9722e71.png (image/png) Trypanosoma Gambiense - Trypomastigote Disease - Trypanosomiasis, African Sleeping Sickness
4ef4bf95-5f83-49b8-ad59-7a0f48530954.png (image/png) Trypanosoma Cruzi - Trypomastigote Disease - Chagas Disease
e4c54ede-7e97-47ca-a915-86e432fd10d5.png (image/png) Trypanosoma Cruzi - Amasigote Disease - Chagas
4b52c3a6-978b-44a2-954e-d9e8128e7b96.png (image/png) Leishmania Donovani - Promastigote Form Disease - Visceral Leishmaniasis, Kaza-azar
1b73ce9b-973c-4ab8-8c36-75df0693bd60.png (image/png) Leishmania Donovani - ~Amasigote Form Disease - Visceral Leishmaniasis, Kaza-azar
bc576408-fd38-4a3b-b4a2-89fc84671cd6.png (image/png) Trichomonas Vaginalis - Trophozoites Disease - Trichomoniasis
e2143ad5-ac32-47cb-be17-cc0aeae13e47.png (image/png) Giardia Lamblia - Vegetative Forms (Trophozoites) Disease - Giardiasis
e05e44da-23d3-4482-b0a8-a3ee2a22e880.png (image/png) Balantidium Coli - Cyst Diease - Balantidiasis
24060834-402c-404d-9951-abe5a6270196.png (image/png) Balantidium Coli - Trophozoites Diease - Balantidiasis
a0c6ff55-8f93-4656-8750-2b2ecb6d5099.png (image/png) Toxoplasma Gondii - Trophozoites Disease - Toxoplasmosis
75927671-7091-4795-b8bc-a4c985c09413.png (image/png) Toxoplasma Gondii - Cyst Disease - Toxoplasmosis
e285e55a-f786-4426-90cf-9aa2962329a2.png (image/png) Plasmodium Vivax - Gametocyte/Ring Trophozoite Disease - Malaria
a5d06251-dd5b-4835-829f-966dfcb3cd9a.png (image/png) Plasmodium Falciparum - Gametocyte Diease - Malaria
92471bb4-4787-4b92-b1e0-3b551a71fe1f.png (image/png) Fasciola Hepatica - Adult Fluke Disease - Fascioliasis
6317cf0d-234e-4943-9c98-599325c133c6.png (image/png) Fasciola Hepatica - Cercariae Disease - Fascioliasis
6dd098d0-91f8-4bb8-a503-0d1b43604440.png (image/png) Fasciola Hepatica - Redia Disease - Fascioliasis
4a5ed0bc-5116-4e64-b456-0f2de6170772.png (image/png) Fasciola Hepatica - Eggs (trematode type) Disease - Fascioliasis
692b7132-d996-4f82-bdd2-2ce3c59067c4.png (image/png) Dicrocoelium Dendriticum - Adult Fluke Disease - Dicroceliasis
d33e8d42-6d22-4e2f-81e2-5a16913d0b75.png (image/png) Opisthorchis Felineus - Adult Fluke Disease - Opisthorchiasis
561d1d32-b968-457c-9936-7ec2a1c817b3.png (image/png) Dicrocoelium Dendriticum/Opicthorchis (Respectively) - Eggs Disease - Dicroceliasis, Opisthorchiasis
056483bd-1e39-4477-a7ab-b2768f6dd065.png (image/png) Schistosoma Mansoni - Adult Form Disease - Schistosomiasis
33123417-e4e2-407f-bcc6-c16c991b9e7b.png (image/png) Schistosoma Mansoni - Egg Disease - Schistosomiasis
84686b6b-cd0b-4c0a-9a77-4223eb158014.png (image/png) Schistosoma Haematobium - Egg Disease - Schistosomiasis
6fdfc9f9-f295-47d7-bce0-2950a6da11f2.png (image/png) Schistosoma Japonicum - Egg Disease - Schistosomiasis
3f6f9ce7-55be-4d3f-a7d6-360c94847d2b.png (image/png) Furcocercous Cercaria Disease - Schistosomiasis
1ceb05fa-450a-42f8-8186-37e2e53087ed.png (image/png) Taenia Solium - Scolex Disease - Taeniasis
8441ce50-02c9-4796-9d72-447d29cd0b31.png (image/png) Taenia Solium - Progolittids (segments) Disease - Taeniasis
2cedc1b9-efd5-453b-ab6c-f7aa8d356a47.png (image/png) Taenia Solium - Proglottids from adult form Disease - Taeniasis
dfe92942-9a55-4e88-83eb-efb2b2388021.png (image/png) Taenia Solium - Eggs with Hexacanths Disease - Taeniasis
4d62cfdc-b5d1-4d81-b213-68461a01f12c.png (image/png) Taeniarhynchus Saginatus - Scolex Disease - Taeniarhynchosis
08c62c95-a997-4089-b6a4-0d531cf13ff5.png (image/png) Taeniarhynchus Saginatus - Proglottid Disease - Taeniarhynchosis
5d75af4e-e0a5-4c30-ac12-ccc82bf94aaf.png (image/png) Taeniarhynchus Saginatus - Eggs (with hexacanths) Diease - Taeniarhynchosis
1c008e4f-7697-4ceb-a79f-db546cbe359e.png (image/png) Diphyllobothrium Latum - Scolex Disease - Diphyllobothriasis
181cfc1a-19df-4d2e-8683-305374b4b690.png (image/png) Diphyllobothrium latum - Proglottids Disease - Diphyllobothriasis
92795603-0dbe-4147-b279-e22be018458d.png (image/png) Diphyllobothrium Latum - Eggs Disease - Diphyllobothriasis
1a623257-25be-4ce9-bd08-9822884e65e5.png (image/png) Echinococcus Granulosus - Adult Disease - Echinococcosis
27aef70c-af82-4972-bd4f-d9b5bdaaa8cd.png (image/png) Echinococcus Granulossu - Hydatid Cyst with scolices Disease - Echinococcosis
20c392f1-f02c-44f6-8123-7116660cd5e9.png (image/png) Hymenolepis Nana - Adult Disease - Hymenolepidiasis
0dc78b72-160c-4208-bf36-8280497c7770.png (image/png) Hymenolepis Nana - Egg (With Hexacanths) Disease - Hymenolepidiasis
d9d1c4bf-bdbb-4920-9113-ff621e4f49df.png (image/png) Hymenolepis Nana - Proglottids Disease - Hymenolepidiasis
d453de2d-1fb3-4622-884a-fbb3a0212a21.png (image/png) Ascaris Lumbricoides - Adult Disease - Ascariasis
9caa7d3b-554e-4dee-a25a-cff2bb129592.png (image/png) Ascaris Lumbricoides - Eggs Disease - Ascariasis
34cdb147-68e6-48b2-a5c6-9802bce790bc.png (image/png) Ascaris Lumbricoides - Larvae (In Lung tissue) Disease - Ascariasis
94f351fa-751f-4bc5-bb9d-21d3e3b00cf2.png (image/png) Entrobius Vermicularis - Adult Disease - Enterobiasis
14d0b7ca-a3be-4faf-ae3c-240e58fe31d3.png (image/png) Enterobius Vermicularis - eggs Disease - Enterobiasis
30486207-a4e6-4774-ad61-7ec66463b865.png (image/png) Trichuris Trichiura (Whipworm) - Adult Disease - Trichuriasis, Whipworm infection
9bb9c2bf-20bb-4d01-a4dc-e832d2f31570.png (image/png) Trichuris trichiura (whipworm) - Eggs Disease - Trichuriasis, Whipworm Infection
dcc7b9e5-289e-47e8-a23d-1ae39b0dbe8b.png (image/png) Trichinella Spiralis (Trichuna Worm) - Adult Disease - Trichinosis, Trichiniasis
3497fdc6-f8ac-4273-b7b4-894395bc629a.png (image/png) Trichinella Spiralis (Trichuna Worm) - Encysted Larvae (In Muscle Tissue) Disease - Trichinosis, Trichiniasis
3b932022-5b4d-4220-ac83-664275e8fdef.png (image/png) Ancylostoma Duodenale (Hookworm) - Adult Disease - Ancylostomiasis
fb4cbb4c-a5ea-43fe-b65a-90e8fcff16f5.png (image/png) Ancylostoma duodenale (Hookworm) - Egg Disease - Ancylostomiasis
162e414b-5e9e-4e91-8e0d-d579166a2b52.png (image/png) Strongyloides Stercoralis - Adult Disease - Strongyloidosis
b976676b-4b84-4958-bd09-8be34d026c8b.png (image/png) Strongyloides Stercoralis - eggs Disease - Strongyloidosis
06c04cf2-0342-4e42-83fa-fa3d0fd461ae.png (image/png) Dracunculus Medinensis (Guinea Worm) - Adult Disease - Dracunculiasis, Dracontiasis
87c2ab32-ade1-4759-8c24-ca767e741b2c.png (image/png) Dracunculus Medinensis (Guinea Worm) Disease - Dracunculiasis, Dracontiasis
94277fc8-92fa-406c-999e-70cb1a14c3fa.png (image/png) Wuchereria (Fliaria) Bancrofti - Adult Disease - Filariasis
c07d90eb-5f3a-4de9-beed-3dc400ce8f23.png (image/png) Wuchereria (Filaria) Bancrofti - Lymphoedema Disease - Filariasis
2f609a28-320d-4c4d-975f-ba97301420c5.png (image/png) Wuchereria (Filaria) Bancrofti - Microfilaria Disease - Filariasis
0e781f00-74bc-4fd0-a6c8-50d3610518da.png (image/png) Ixodes (Hard Ticks) - Adult Tick Disease - Acaridosis
fb1f51bb-644b-442d-afc3-f6724a5a9e59.png (image/png) Sarcoptes Scabiei - Adult Disease - Scabies Rash
42176ca8-e181-4fba-856e-2ecd6602813d.png (image/png) Pediculus Capitis (Hair Louse) - Adult Disease - Pediculosis
92929f62-0a4c-4176-a5cf-a6674c810263.png (image/png) Pediculus Capitis (Hair Louse) - Eggs Disease - Pediculosis
b3a7317c-6b0a-4dee-a9a4-1dbe592466e7.png (image/png) Phthirius Pubis (Crab Louse) - Adult Lice Disease - Phthiriasis
59ae58fc-0d23-4418-9944-011395c850a7.png (image/png) Pulex Irritans (Human Flea) Bubonic Plague (Transmissive Disease)
fd877dde-e4cd-483b-bb01-49b5500e50e6.png (image/png) Blatta Orientalis (Black Beetle) Transmissive Diseases
9b3efd75-3494-4f50-a6ac-2a3d60f67e71.png (image/png) Cimex Lectularius (Reduviid Bugs) Transmissive Disease
71c97edc-cfc6-4ccc-838d-1364104552d6.png (image/png) Anopheles - Adult Transmissive Infections
8484a9a5-84d6-4928-9a17-bd7a12f885e7.png (image/png) Culex - Adult Transmissive Infections
c5867e63-1e7c-4527-b87c-c76bc1a3992c.png (image/png) Phlebotomus Papatasii (Sandfly) Transmissive Diseases
bda28d85-1515-4108-af31-808d0874caa9.png (image/png) Musca Domestica (Housefly) Transmissive Disease
d1b61903-f2cf-449b-8674-9d00b6a9f959.png (image/png) Glossina Palpalis (Tsetse Fly) - Adult Transmissive Disease