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Print Formatting topic using Python 2

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What is %s used for? To format strings into your print statements.
Floating point numbers use the format %n1.n2f where n1 is ____ and n2 is _____. ...the total min. number of digits the string should contain... ...the total numbers to show past the decimal point...
What method does %s use? str()
What method does %r use? repr()
T/F?: When listing several strings to place with a string, order doesn't matter. False. Strings must be written in the order in which they should appear, unless you use the .format() method.
The .format() method is the preferred format method when: - inserting a string - inserting a single value string into multiple places - formatting several objects
T/F?: Python 3 uses the print() function, not the print statement. True
After you import the future Python 3 print module the only way to revert back the Python 2 functionality is to... restart Python or start a new notebook.
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