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Where are the Alps? Central Europe
In what countries are the Alps in? France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy etc.
How long ago were the Alps formed? 30 million years ago
How were the Alps formed? African / Eurasian Plate (collision boundary), make fold mountains
Tallest peak of the Alps? Mont Blanc (4810m)
Where is the tallest peak? French/Italian Border
Population of the Alps? 12 million
What are the main uses of the Alps? Farming, Tourism, HEP, Mining, Forestry
What are the slopes like? Steep and upland
What is done on the sunnier slopes and give an example? Terraced for arable farming e.g. Lavaux, Switzerland.
What is done on the less sunny slopes? Goat farming for cheese, milk and meat.
How many people visit the Alps each year? 100 million
What percentage of tourists visit in the winter? 70%
What have been built to cope with tourists, give an example? Villages (e.g. Tignes, France)
What activities can be done in the winter? Skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing due to steep snow
What activities can be done in the summer? Walking, climbing, mountain biking, paragliding.
What 'peppers the landscape'? Restaurants, Chalets, Lifts etc.
Percentage of their national energy Switzerland gets from the Alps? 60%
How is HEP used in the Alps (give example)? Narrow valleys are dammed, e.g. Berne, Switzerland.
Where does energy from HEP go? Locally: Businesses, Homes. Exported: Cities, Towns.
Why has mining declined? Cheap imports
What ores can be found in the Alps? Copper, Salt, Iron, Gold, Silver.
What is the main species of tree there and why? Scots Pine as mountain goats kill other saplings.
What happens to the trees there? Logged for furniture
What do adaptations have to be made for? Steep relief, poor soils, bad communications.
How is the relief adapted to? Goat farming, stop avalanches using trees and man made barriers.
How is the soil adapted to? Animals in higher land as non arable soil.
How are communications adapted? Over passes low areas (Brenner Pass, Austria / Italy); snow/long. Tunnels (Lötschberg Base Tunnel, Bernese Alps, Switzerland)
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