Use and Abuse of Drugs

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Definitions of key words in the "use and abuse of drugs" topic

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DRUG A drug is a chemical that effects the central nervous system (CNS), brain and spinal cord
RECREATIONAL DRUG A drug used for recreational purposes e.g. alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine
MEDICAL DRUGS Drugs that are used to relieve pain and/or issues, or to make you healthy again
TOLERANCE How much your body is used to the drug/ When an individual regularly uses a drug their body gets used to it and they need to take more to get the same effect
ADDICTION Occurs when your body can not cope without the drug and your body becomes dependant on it
WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS How your body reacts when you can no longer take drugs. Can range from a headache to death
DEPRESSANTS Slow down brain activity e.g. alcohol and solvents
HALLUCIOGEN Alters what you see and hear e.g. cannabis
PAIN KILLERS Block nerve impulses e.g. aspirin
PERFORMANCE ENHANCERS Improve muscle development e.g. steroids
STIMULANT Increases brain activity e.g. nicotine, caffeine and ecstasy
NICOTINE Addictive chemical in cigarette smoke
CARCINOGENS Chemical in cigarette smoke responsible for causing cancer
THALIDOMIDE A drug. First prescribed to treat anxiety, insomnia, gastritis and tension. Causes birth defects. Now used to treat leprosy and cancer
STEROIDS Drugs which affect your hormones
STATINS Drugs which reduce levels of cholesterol in the blood
PLACEBO a medicine prescribed for the psychological benefit to the patient rather than for any physiological effect
DOUBLE BLIND TRIAL In drug trials, some patients are given a placebo and other patients are given the actual drug. The patients and the doctor do not know who has which until the trial is completed
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