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form and structure "Meeting at Night" is written in a very loose version of iambic tetrameter. This means that, theoretically, each line should contain four (tetra-) iambs (a type of beat that consists of an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable – da DUM). Robert Browning, however, is no ordinary poet, and there is not a single line in the poem of "pure" iambic tetrameter; every line contains at least one substitution (the replacement of, in this case, an iamb with a different type of beat).
Poet Robert Browning was an erudite poet best known for his dramatic monologues. The most important event of his life was his marriage to Elizabeth Barrett who was an older and better known poet. Elizabeth had been under the control of a dominating and jealous father and the two had to marry in secret and elope to escape her father’s anger. This particular poem is most likely connected to the clandestine affair that he had with Elizabeth Barrett. The poet here speaks of meeting his lover late at night in a farmhouse that he reaches after crossing a part of the ocean.
analysis Stanza 1 The poem opens with descriptions of the sea and the “black land”, black because it is night and the yellow moon does not illuminate it sufficiently. This is the key to the title of the poem “Meeting at Night”. The moonlight hitting the seawater makes the waves frilling at the edges appear like “fiery ringlets”. He leaves the boat in the slushy sand at the cove. Stanza 2 He then begins moving, first walking along the beach for a mile or so. Crossing some fields, he comes to a farm. To gain admittance, he taps on the window pane. In answer to this call there is the sound of a bolt being drawn and a match being struck. Soon he can hear a tremulous voice speaking to him. The poem starts off with a series of descriptions of the sea and the land. With no words to show any action, the fast changing descriptions help to conjure fast moving scenery. Only in the fifth line does the speaker appear in person. He is moving along the edge of the ocean in a boat. Once he gains land, he kills the speed of the boat and leaving in on the wet beach, walks along till he comes to some fields
Connections Connection between the poem and the poet's life and/or times: This poem is very gloomy in the beginning and describes a person’s meeting with someone else. He has to get through a dark land to meet this soul. When they meet, their hearts beat with each other because of their excitement and joy or love after meeting each other. This poem also portrays the author’s style of writing in which he is most famously known for. He is known for his insight and conversational poetic style. His choices of words create a real sense of darkness for the area and his common placed words for this poem portrays his conversational poetic style of writing. This poem is a perfect example of how he writes and
Tones Serious deep dark gloomy
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