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Flash cards on kidney function based on semester 2 of HBS at UWE.

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What is the Renal Capsule? The renal capsule is a thin, fibrous sac made of dense irregular connective tissue that adheres closely to the kidney. It maintains the shape of the kidney and protects it from trauma and infection.
What is the Adipose Capsule? The adipose capsule is a layer of fat that surrounds the renal capsule of the kidney and functions to protect and support the kidney.
What is the Renal Fascia? The renal fascia is a layer of tissue that passes that passes in front of and behind both kidneys to anchor them to the peritoneum and posterior abdominal wall. It is made of dense irregular connective tissue and attaches to the renal capsule by strings of fibres. It provides anchorage of the kidneys and surrounding structures.
What is the Renal Cortex? The renal cortex is the dark, outer 1cm of the kidney that contains the arcuate and interlobular arteries and veins and cortical nephrons. Ultrafiltration takes place in this part of the kidney.
What are the Renal Columns? Renal columns are extensions of the cortex that project in between the pyramids of the medulla and help to anchor the cortex.
What is the Renal Medulla? The renal medulla is the inner section of the kidney that lies deep to the cortex and contains cone-shaped structures known as the renal pyramids. The medulla appears striated as it contains the tubular systems of the juxtamedullary nephrons, and parts of the loop of Henle and collecting tubules of the cortical nephrons.
Desribe the Nerve supply to the Kidneys. Nerves supplying each kidney often originate in the renal ganglion and travel along the renal arteries before entering the renal plexus. Most renal nerves regulate the volume of blood flowing through the kidneys by affecting the vasoconstriction or vasodilation of the arterioles. Renal nerves are part of the autonomic nervous system.
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