Using articles: a/an, the, no article

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Based on New English File, Intermediate

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Using articles: a/an, the, no article
  1. Use a / an with singular countable nouns
    1. in exclamations with What .... .. !
      1. What an awful day!
      2. in certain expressions like ......
        1. three times a week
        2. when you say what something is
          1. It's a nice house.
          2. the first time you mention a thing / person
            1. I saw an old man with a dog.
            2. when you say what somebody does
              1. She's a lawyer.
            3. Use the
              1. when we talk about something we've already mentioned
                1. I saw an old man with a dog and the dog was barking.
                2. with places in a town, eg cinema
                  1. I'm going to the cinema.
                  2. when there's only one of something
                    1. The moon goes round the sun.
                    2. when it's clear what you're referring to
                      1. He opened the door.
                      2. with superlatives.
                        1. It's the best restaurant in town.
                      3. Don't use the
                        1. when you are speaking in general (with plural and uncountable nouns)
                          1. Women talk more than men. Love is more important than money.
                          2. before meals, days and months
                            1. I never have breakfast on Sunday.
                            2. before next / last + days, week etc
                              1. See you next Friday.
                              2. with some nouns (eg home, work, school, church) after at / to /from
                                1. She's not at home today. I get back from work at 5:30.
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