IS3311: Networking and Cloud Computing

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Hardware, Software and Networking
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What are the 7 layers of the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) Model? 1: Physical Layer 2: Data-Link Layer 3: Network Layer 4: Transport Layer 5: Session Layer 6: Presentation Layer 7: Application Layer
Draw a Bus Networking Topology d07aa424-b792-4681-acc9-aece27f7e66b.png (image/png)
Draw a Ring Network Topology 249801b3-2a09-46be-8e23-f9c30334cda2.png (image/png)
Draw a Star Network Topology 7435f853-7c3c-4157-b5eb-17c41c01d809.png (image/png)
What is a Hybrid Network Topology Two or more Physical Topologies Combined
What is a NIC? A Network Interface Card. These are circuit boards or cards that are installed in a computer so that they can be connected to a network.
How far can Thinnet Coaxial Cable (RG-58) carry a signal? 185 Metres (roughly 607 Feet)
How far can Thicknet Coaxial Cable carry a signal? 500 Metres (roughly 1640 feet)
What are the two types of Twisted-Pair Cable? STP: Shielded Twisted-Pair UTP: Unshielded Twisted-Pair
What is the specification for Thinnet Coaxial Cable? 10Base2
What is the specification for Thicknet Coaxial Cable? 10Base5
What is the specification for Twisted-Pair Cable? 10BaseT
How far can Fiber-Optic Cable carry a signal? 2 Kilometers (roughly 6562 Feet)