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Acids/Bases Buffers Acidosis Alkalosis Proteins
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Hypercapnia too much CO2 in lungs
Hypoventiliation not enough CO2 is being breathed out, so you have too much of it in your lungs
Hybridization of an Amide sp2 due to the double bond resonance
What does geometry have to do with polarity? It can make a molecule that would normally be polar be nonpolar instead
When does a buffer work best? when acid and conj. base have equal concentrations
Equilibrium shifts toward __________ when H+ is added the side with the acid because the added H+ reacts with the conj. base, thus using up the conj. base and making the soln more acidic
When you add acid to a soln, you _____ acid make
If base is added, equilibrium shifts __________. toward the side with the base because added base will react with the conj. acid, use up the conj acid, and make the soln more basic
Carbonic Anyhdride catalyzes dissociation of Carbonic Acid into _________ and _________. H+ HCO3-
Removing CO2 from blood makes it more__________. basic
Removing HCO3- from blood makes it more ___________. acidic
acidosis Blood pH decreases blood becomes acidic [H+] increases too much CO2
Respiratory Acidosis Cause body can't get rid of CO2
Respiratory Acidosis Result (3) [CO2] increases equilibrium shifts toward bicarbonate pH goes down (acidic)
Metabolic Acidosis Cause -producing too much lactic acid -ketone bodies from starvation -too much alcohol
Metabolic Acidosis Results bicarb conc. drops equilibrium shifts toward bicarb pH goes down (acidic)
Alkalosis blood pH increases becomes basic [H+] decreases lacks CO2
Respiratory Alkalosis Cause hyperventiliation
Respiratory Alkalosis Results increased pH decreased CO2 equilibrium shifts toward CO2 H+ conc. decreases pH becomes more basic
Metabolic Alkalosis Cause Gain of [HCO3-] or loss H+
Metabolic Alkalosis Result bicarbonate conc. increases shifts to make more CO2 H+ conc. decreases pH rises (basic)
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