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Define food security The ability to provide a food source that is sustainable, secure, nutritional & affordable for the worlds growing population. Supply needs to balance demand.
Name some key ways food security can be achieved - Improving yield - Reducing waste - Reducing plant pests -Reducing Plant disease - Adapting to climate change & extreme weather
What is the world population expected to be by 2050? 9 billion
Give a few examples of what went on the in 2008 food price spike Tinned foods went up by 15-40% in the UK and 36 countries sent out food aid appeals.
Who does food price volatility affect? Food price volatility affects smaller countries and smallhold farmers that are more dependent on trade than larger food producers.
Name a way in which short term food price changes have long term effects Affect on an individual child's nutrition could affect their health and education. In the grand scheme of things this could slow economic development.
How does food poverty affect the NHS Inability to afford nutritious foods can lead to health problems alone, as well as eating cheaper alternatives like cheap carbohydrates, leading to weight gain and potentially Type II diabetes (this and related weight problems cause the NHS £8bn a year.
What are expected increased in demand between 2000 - 2030 according to the World Bank. For demands to be met a 50% increase in cereal production and 85% increase in meat production is needed.
How much grain does it take to produce 1kg of meat? 7-10kg of grain
Arable land is fought between for food or fuel. Give an example of this. Land used for bio-ethanol fuel in the US increased from 5% in 2000 to 25% in 2009. That 25% could have fed 330 million people for 1 year.
How have oil prices affected food security? Transport costs for storing and moving food has increased with oil prices, adding to the price of food, making it less affordable.
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