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C1 - Formulae to learn
Tech Wilkinson
Henry VII Rebellions, political power and control
Biology F212 - Biological molecules 1
Spanish Vocabulary- Intermediate
PSYA1 - attachment, AQA psychology
Tess W
Alexa Smith
Situation Ethics
Alexa Smith
Critical Thinking Unit 1 (F501)
Natural Law
Alexa Smith
C2 - Formulae to learn
Tech Wilkinson
Question Answer
what was the aim? To map lateralisation of brain function and to see the purpose of the corpus callosum
Define lateralisation of brain function The idea that different parts of the brain has different roles
Who was the sample? 11 split brain patients (had their corpus callosum severed)
Outline the visual tests P's focused on fixation point, with one eye closed. Images appeared on either left, right or both sides of point. P's asked to either recall what they'd seen or draw what they'd seen
Outline the tactile tests P's hands were hidden from them, asked to either find an object shown to one VF, or to say what object had been placed in their hand or to point to the object that had been placed in their hands
Describe the findings about the left hemisphere Left hemisphere controls language and thought processes, if information went to RVF or objects placed in right hand, P's could say what they'd seen, point to it and find it with the right hand from an array of objects
Describe the findings about the right hemisphere Right hemisphere controls spatial awareness, if information went to LVF or left hand, P's were unable to say what it was, they could draw it with the left hand, could point to it or locate it with their left hand
What is the purpose of the corpus callosum? It allows the two hemispheres to communicate information so when it's split they cannot communicate