Clinical Psychology

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Mindmap for revison of Edexcel Clinical Psychology. There are no explanations and treatments of schizophrenia and anorexia anorexia, and the studies are not present either. Please find in a separate resource

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Clinical Psychology
1 Schizophrenia
1.1 Features / Symptoms
1.1.1 Positive symptoms v negative symptoms + Symptoms diagnosed via their presence - e.g. a notmal person does not hear voices so hearing voices is a positive symptom. Hallucinations - auditory are more common but hallucinations can happen through all 5 sneses. Auditory hallucinations can involve a person hearing voiices telling them what to do. Delusions commonly SZ's have delusions of grandeur or where they think that they are beng plotted against. Thought disturbances - believe in thought instertion - Symptoms are diagnosed via their absence e.g. a normal person is able to show emotion so the absence of emotions is a negative symptom Alogia and flattened effect (lack of emotional responses)
1.1.2 Approx 1% of the population suffer from SZ
2 Anorexia
2.1 What is it?
2.1.1 The refusal to maintain a minimal normal body weight for age and height. Diagnosis requires the bodyweight to be 85% less than that expeted. There is an intense fear of gaining weight despite being underweight. 90% of sufferers are female. Sufferers have a preoccupation with thinness, dieting and exercise.
2.1.2 Symptoms There are both physical and psychological symptoms for Anorexia: miss meals, eat very little, or avoid eating any fatty foods lie about what and when they've eaten obsessively count the calories in food lie about how much they weigh exercise excessively take appetite suppressants, such as slimming or diet pills bloating or constipation headaches feeling lightheaded or dizzy feeling very tired feeling cold discoloured hands and feet caused by poor circulation dry skin hair loss from the scalp
3 Practical
3.1 Leaflet providing information about anorexia nervosa
3.1.1 Includes a description of Anorexia, symptoms, and treatments as well as a real life case study.
3.2 The leaflet targets both teenage audiences and mature adult audiences
3.2.1 For the purpose of prevention and treatment of people already suffering. May have been biased as it is aimed at the section of the population most likely to suffer. This was a conscious decision as it allows the leaflet to be more effective in its cause.
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