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Why is GOLD found in the Earth as a metal? Because it is so unreactive
What is the name for rock that is mined were the metal can be extracted economically? An Ore
What are the typical properties of 'Transition Metals' The elements in the centre of the periodic table, between groups 2 and 3, are called the transition metals. The metals are Good for building with and making things, strong and malleable. Most are alloys
Explain why most the metals we use are not elements. Elements are two soft and are too easily bent. If used they are usally mixed with other elements so they can sustain their shape.
What us NOT a property of a substance? Cost or cheapness
What is the word equation to get iron from iron oxide Iron Oxide + Carbon = Iron + Carbon Dioxide
Name 3 types of steel and give a important property for each one Low Carbon Steel = Easily Shaped --- High Carbon Steel = Hard/ Solid --- Stainless Steel = Resistant to Corrosion
Why are all steels Alloys Steel is a combination of Iron and Carbon
Give 3 properties that make aluminium a useful metal Low Density --- Resistant to Corrosion --- Malleable ---
3 Reasons why titanium is expensive Electrolysis is needed as high in reactivity series --- Titanium reacts with carbon making it brittle --- several stages are needed to extract from ore ---
3 reasons why we should recycle aluminium and titanium To prevent Environmental damage --- To make earth supply last longer --- It is more Sustainable and CHEAPER
Name Three Methods used to extract a metal form a ore Smelting --- Electrolysis --- Reduction ---