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What does DNA stand for? deoxyribonucleic acid
What is DNA apart of? living oragnism
Where is DNA found? DNA is found in all living things.
When was DNA first isolated? 1869
By who was DNA first isolated? Friedrich Miescher
What are the four bases? Adenine Thymine Cytosine Guanine
What does A pair with in DNA? A always pairs with T
What are the sides of the DNA ladder made of? It is made up of sugars and phosphate atoms.
What is it called when bases are attached to a sugar? It is called nucleoside.
What other type of cell do humans have in their DNA? Blood cells.
How many chromosomes do humans have? 46 chromosomes.
Where are nuclear or chromosomals found? They are found in the nucleus.
How much is the average gene base? 10000 to 15000
What are the changes in the DNA sequence called? It is called mutations.
What are the three sets of DNA bases? Codon Code Amino acids
What can DNA tests help you with? DNA tests can help you to understand your family ethnic.
Where can DNA be stored? cells cotton swab buccal brush frozen blood
What other inquiries do DNA insit of use for? Crime
What is the percentage of parents and child sharing genes? %50
What is the percentage for siblings to share genes? %50
What holds bases together? Hydrogen bonds.
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