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What is an organism? Anything capable of carrying out the process required for life such as growth reproduction and movement.
What is a habitat? A place where an organism lives.
What are biotic factors? Living factors include partners for mating, organisms to eat, and organisms they may compete for food or shelter.
What are abiotic factors? Non-living factors that include water, light, wind, soil and temperature.
What are adaptations? Characteristics that assist organisms to survive and reproduce.
What does nocturnal mean? An animal that is active and hunts at night.
Define what affects where animals live? The environment can effect a plant or an animal in its habitat.
Define what adaptations can enable animals to do? .Protection from predators .Survive hot and cold temperatures .Move from place to place
What are ecologists? Ecologists are scientists that study interactions between living things and their environment.
Name 7 factors that change an environment? 1.Temperature 2.Whether it is wet or dry 3.Whether it is windy 4.The quality of the air 5.The water quality 6.The type of soil 7.The plants, animals, bacteria and fungi that live there
What is the biosphere? The biosphere is the place where all life exists as we know it.
What is an ecosystem? An ecosystem is a system formed by organisms interacting with each other and their non-living surroundings in a balanced way.
What is the relation between an ecosystem and the word interdependent? The organisms in an ecosystem are interdependent.
What is interdependence mean? Interdependence means that organisms rely on each other for survival.
What is commensalism? The kind of relationship between two organisms, one organism benefits and the other is not affected.
Give an example of commensalism? Cattle will follow cattle egret as they graze for food.
What is mutualism? An interaction where both organisms benefit from the relationship and nether is harmed.
Give an example of mutualism? Lichen consists of a fungus and algae growing together, the algae makes its own food using energy from sunlight and the fungus uses this food and the fungus gives the algae a protected place to live.
What is parasitism? A relationship where one organism lives on another and obtains food from the organism it's living on.
Give an example of parasitism? A heartworm parasite is living in the dog's heart. The worm starts to breed rapidly clogging up the dog's heart and when left without treatment the dog will gradually die.
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