Evangelism - Chapter 5- Jesus' Example

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Evangelism - Chapter 5- Jesus' Example

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Most opportunities for personal evangelism occur during ordinary activities of life
Believers can be confident in the effective nature of unplanned witnessing opportunities when they recognize the work of the Holy Spirit in lives and circumstances
Jesus' offer of living water to the Samaritan woman revealed His perception of her spiritual hunger, despite her seeming indifference
It is common for people to misunderstand personal evangelism as a series of arguments to be won
To engage a nonbeliever in meaningful conversation with evangelistic potential, one must first find a subject that genuinely interests the other person
The key to connecting spiritual truths to everyday subjects is to use vocabulary familiar to the listener
It is important not to neglect the subject of sin even in relational evangelism because an understanding of sin is needed in order to pursue forgiveness and salvation
The subject of religion during a personal witnessing presentation most often results in divisive questions that distract for the real message
When considering the relationship between God and lost people God takes the initiative in making the relationship possible
The central message of the gospel is the person of Jesus Christ
Does the Greek verb usage in this passage indicate that Jesus was acting on divine foreknowledge when he passed through Samaria? The text gives no evidence of Jesus' foreknowledge and portrays Him as interacting spontaneously with the woman
When do most opportunities for personal evangelism occure? During ordinary activities of life rather than preplanned outreaches
Why can believers be confident in the effective nature of unplanned witnessing opportunities? The Holy Spirit works in lives and circumstances to create opportunities when people will be receptive to the gospel.
What social barriers were represented at the meeting between Jesus and the Samaritan woman? Racial, gender and religious
What did Jesus' offer of living water to the Samaritan woman reveal about His attitude toward her? Jesus perceived her spiritual hunger despite her seeming indifference and sinful public reputation
What is a common misconception about personal evangelism? People often mistake personal evangelism as a call to aggressively counter the challenges and arguments of an unsaved person
What was the cultural context of Jesus' reference to water? Jesus used the difficulty of obtaining vital water in his day to build a bridge to a spiritual application, living water
Where is the starting point for effective evangelism? The believer must learn about the person with whom he or she is sharing the gospel and begin with something relevant to that person
When responding to evangelism opportunities, how can the believer be prepared when the opportunities are unexpected? Lifelong study of God's Word and daily reliance on God's Spirit combine to offer the believer spiritually solid answers to unexpected questions.
Why is it vital to include the subject of PERSONAL SIN within any presentation of the gospel? It is only within the context of sin that the gospel is recognized as good news that counters personal failure, moral loss and eternal damnation
Why is not RELIGION a beneficial topic in personal evangelism in most cases? Religious issues are usually tangential to the real issue of relating to God, and the subject of religion often creates a confrontational atmosphere
Is it always a bad idea to discuss religion practices when witnessing? In some cases it can be productive. Spiritual sensitivity is needed in order to identify those situations. It is important to avoid being unnecessarily sidetracked by firnge issues.
What does it mean to worship God in spirit and in truth? To worship in spirit is to commune with God directly. To worship in truth is to live a lifestyle consistent with that communion
Who takes the initiative in establishing a relationship between God and lost people? God seeks for people to become true worshipers and enjoy a relationship with Him.
What about the Samaritan woman's announcement to her village showed that Jesus had successfully prioritized relationship? By inviting her neighbors to "come see a man," the woman rightly focused on Jesus' person rather than theological issues.
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