Aula Demonstrativa Leandro Gomes

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Aula demonstrativa para ser trabalhada em paralelo ao vídeo

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TO IMPROVE Improve my English. She improves the dance
TO NEED I need to go to the bathroom. He needs to go to the bathroom. You need to improve your English.
TO MEET Nice to meet you! This product meets (attends) my needs. She meets him at the park every night.
TO TRANSFORM He is transforming into a hero. I need to transform my life! This product transforms lives!
TO SOLVE He solves the magic cube easily. They have to solve the problem.
TO FIND She finds Wally! We need to find a solution to this problem. You need to transform your life!
BETWEEN He is between two trucks. I am between you and her.
CONNECTION / TO CONNECT The Internet connects people. Are you connected? I need Internet connection to work.
PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT/SAFETY GEAR The protective equipment is a safety gear. I design safety gears for that company. I need my protective equipment to work.
PROTOTYPE This is a flying car's prototype. We need to transform the prototype. My product's prototype is improved!
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